5 best books of Japanese shirt and blouse [Japanese sewing]

This page introduces a book on how to sew a Japanese blouse. Each designer has a unique way of making. Please find your favorite.

Aoi Koda’s My Blouses and Pullovers

My blouse pullover by Aoi koda

A book my favorite white T-shirt aimed at pullover and blouse that I can wear everyday like a T-shirt.

Easy to match with any pullover or blouse, wide pants and tapered pants are also included, so you can combine it up and down and wear it. Introducing dresses, jackets, coats etc that you can enjoy arranging.

Since it is a compatible design with any cloth, you can enjoy cotton, linen, wool and other materials and enjoy them all year round. Including seam allowance with real size large paper, it is 4 sizes expansion of S, M, L, LL.
This book has a full-length pattern.

Yoshikotsukiori’s shirt and blouse__Make 25 designs from one body pattern

Yoshikotsukiori's shirt and blouse

Sewing book by popular Japanese designer, Yoshiko Tsukiori.
This book includes 25 shirts and blouses designed from a combination of collars and sleeves, from standard shirts.

Do you find it difficult to sew a shirt?
Certainly, I use techniques unique to shirts that are not found in other items, but the joy of finishing up with that is a joy.
In this book, a shirt that incorporates basic techniques is explained in the process so that even those who sew for the first time can complete it properly.

Yoshiko Tsukiori

Sewing Pattern Book Shirt and Blouse

Shirt & blouse basic pattern collection by Yoko Nogi

Foundation book for ladies who develop basic shirts & blouses separately for parts. Both shirts and blouses introduce body, sleeves, collar for each part from basic basic shape, and can be customized to your favorite design by combining freely.

By patterning all the patterns with shihting (plain of creation) it clearly compares differences by silhouette without being influenced by the color pattern of the fabric. In addition to basic knowledge such as how to compensate, such as spreading (narrowing) only the width of the body, extending only by the length of the clothes (shrinking), we propose examples of works made with actual cloth. Patterns are 7, 9, 11, 13, 15.

Shirts that you can enjoy for a long time by Tokiko Fukukawa(KEYCO/Fukulier)

Shirt that can be enjoyed in a long time by Tokiko Fukukawa(KEYCO)6

Introducing shirts and shirt dresses that can be enjoyed for a long time as everyday clothes, work clothes, and outings with bows and corsages. With full-scale patterns of 5 sizes in standard and wide styles with careful sewing instructions.

She worked as a fashion designer for an Italian collection brand. After returning to Japan, conduct design activities for select shops and brands. In June 2017 she started her own business as Fukulier and started preparing her shirt brand. Started to sell shirt brand KEYCO in February 2018.

Sweety Clothes by Asuka Hamada(THERIACA)

Sweety Clothes by Asuka Hamada(THERIACA)

Ribbon, gather, pin tack, puff sleeve, frill. Cute detail that gets hearty just by making words. It is one book that introduces not only the cuteness of the design but also a very interesting pattern technique and a possibility that these can possibly be able to adjust volume sense and silhouette. If you add a cookie to a boyish or a manish, the cuteness stands out, sweet clothes of slightly decorated.

Asuka Hamada is Designer of THERIACA. After studying textile design in Japan and Canada, She was involved in apparel planning as a fashion designer for several years, and passed away. She has studied about fashion and patterns and continue making clothes with free ideas. Currently she is doing her own project in Berlin and writing a book as a tool to convey the fun of clothes.