10 best books of Japanese Doll Sewing Pattern [Japanese sewing]

This page introduces sewing books for dolls from Japan.

From easy-to-make types for beginners, to those with patterns matching popular dolls such as “DD series”, “Obitsu 11” and “SD1”. Please enjoy according to your wishes.



Doll size sewing book by popular doll clothing artist “HANON”.

We introduce 12 items which can enjoy wearing and overlaying such as one piece, blouse, pants, vests, skirts, coats, bags, boots and so on.
A recipe posted recipe with an easy-to-understand picture, one step at a time.
Simple structure that even beginners can create, beautiful silhouette when you put on, repeatedly made over and over again, only the pattern of commitment.

A book my favorite white T-shirt aimed at pullover and blouse that I can wear everyday like a T-shirt.

Doll Sewing BOOK Pattern Textbook -11 cm doll /Obitsu 11/SD16/DD dolls

Doll Sewing BOOK Pattern Textbook -11 cm doll /Obitsu 11/SD16/DD dolls

A textbook for those who want to design clothes for an 11cm doll from scratch.

At the end of the book, you can find the full-size “pattern pattern” that is the basis for the 30 popular doll patterns, from the popular DD series to Obitsu 11 to SD16.
When you can’t make your own paper pattern, you can answer it if you see it again!

Doll Sewing BOOK Pattern Textbook – Skirts and Pants/11 cm doll /Obitsu 11/SD16/DD dolls

Doll Sewing BOOK Pattern Textbook - Skirts and Pants

“Skirt” can be described in a variety of designs and shapes, and flare skirts, tight skirts, and pleated skirt patterns can be made with completely different approaches.
By mastering those structures and the rules of how to make them, you can make skirts of the desired shape, such as circular or mermaid.
In the same way, we will introduce how to take the “pants” prototype from basic to applied. You can challenge various forms such as chino bread, skinny, gaucho.
If you follow the steps in this textbook, you should be able to wake up any doll pattern from 11cm to 60cm!

Doll Sewing BOOK Obitsu 11 Pattern Textbook-11cm Size Boys’ Clothing-

Doll Sewing BOOK Obitsu11

The “Doll Sewing Book” series has a reputation for being easy to understand even for beginners. This time, a textbook that collects only patterns for a small doll “Obitsu 11” with a total height of 11cm appears. This book is a condensed version of highly versatile patterns.
We offer step-up patterns that sew sleeves, collars, and so on separately from first-year patterns in dressmaking, such as “simple T-shirts” and “simple pants” that only need to be sewn in two places.

Doll Sewing BOOK Obitsu 11 Pattern -11cm Size Girl’ Clothing

Doll Sewing Book 11cm Girl Doll Obitsu Body Outfit

This book is a condensed version of a highly versatile pattern for girls. We offer step-up patterns that select sleeves, collars, skirts, etc. from “simple skirts” made from square cloth, etc., and create sleeves, collars, and skirts to create your favorite “one piece”. Patterns that fit more slimly than boys in the same “pants” are all created. In addition, there are plenty of useful information such as techniques for evenly gathering skirt gathers, how to fold wings and pleats neatly, and materials and fabrics that are perfect for making small doll clothes. Plenty of styles such as furisodes and cheongsams, cute styles of apron and kigurumi, and many other patterns can be made with different fabrics and finishes! Sandals and flat shoes, backpacks, bonnets and other accessory patterns are also included. , You can enjoy the coordination of the whole body.

Miniature kimono sewed with Japanese cloth to enjoy wearing a doll

Miniature kimono sewed with Japanese cloth to enjoy wearing a doll

A small kimono and doll house book made by hand-sewing a piece of Japanese cloth. You can decorate it or wear it on a doll. With detailed photo process explanation, even kimono beginners can feel secure. Comes with full-size paper.

Various kimonos …
Introducing various kinds of kimonos in miniature size.

Check out accessories such as bags and sandals that are coordinated with kimono.

Kimono and doll house
Introducing a dollhouse made with Japanese cloth.


Let’s make lovely doll clothes for each season’s event.
Fairy dress for Easter, Alice ‘s dress for summer garden party. Black dress and wool coat, pajamas with lace.
The basic work is carefully photographing the process how to make the process. 24 works including underwear and small items are posted. 20 · 22 · 27 cm with real size large size paper of doll size.

Coordination recipe for small doll

How to make clothes for small dolls less than 20 cm. Introducing how to make 10 items + 3 items for beginners with process, with L, M, S size paper.

Doll Coordinate Recipe by rosalynnperle

Romantic style is a popular doll author “rosalynnperle” Yama Kei’s work collection.
Doll sizes of posted patterns are 4 types: 11 cm, 20 cm, 22 cm, 27 cm. We introduce the photograph collection style page of the wearing model, item list (corresponding doll information by size), pattern and method of making.
Please enjoy a romantic style like a story.

Miniature Knit Collection for 22cm Dolls

Miniature Knit Collection for 22cm Dolls - Japanese Craft Book

Introducing a full-fledged traditional knit in a 22 cm doll size. Created by knit designers active in the front lines Fair Isle, Alan, Argyle, Guernsey, Nordic, Loppi, Cowichan, Shetland lace and so on. European traditional knit mainly in Northern Europe All are faithfully reproduced in spite of being miniature.

It is knitted with medium and fine yarn using bead knitting needles. Small but elaborate, small and cute. Even if you give up on knitting for yourself, Even if you do not have the opportunity to wear even knitting, You can enjoy the fun of knitting.

Of course, Licca and Blythe Even when dressed in a 22 cm doll, You can also enjoy it as an object. A total of 24 items including small items are posted.