I made a tuck blouse of koda aoi’s design with nani IRO fabric

Recommendation of setup style by Aoi koda

I made a tuck blouse which was published in the book “Recommendation of setup style” of koda aoi.

I chose the “wild flower” from nani IRO fabric. It is linen cloth.

The clothes designed by koda aoi are very simple but have a nice style when worn. I am a sewing beginner, but I was able to make it without any problems.

I liked the tack of the neck.

Also, because the shoulders are gentle lines, shoulders of any shape are fine.

Recommendation of setup style by Aoi koda

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Blouses and skirts, coats and pants, tunics and culottes …. Become a fashionable advanced person just set up a simple item. We introduce design of 6 styles and application by careful commentary of how to sew. This book has a full-length pattern.
Paperback: 79 pages Publisher: Bunka Publishing (2019) Language : Japanese


Basic setup and applied design Lesson ……… 4 T-shirt with a design line and a skirt that looks like pants on the back Lesson ……… 8 Off collar blouse and half circular skirt Lesson …………………. 12 Tunic and culottes with expressions in the back style message Sewing is fun! Kaida Aoi ……… 16 Lesson 4 ……… 42 Fully gathered smock blouse and stick pants Lesson 5 ……… 48 Blouson with reversible cloth, reversible vest and baggy pants Lesson 6 ………………. 54 Tuck blouse and Tuck gather skirt


Aoi koda (LaLa Sewing) instagram Website After working as an apparel maker, In 2006, She established “LaLa Sewing” sewing classroom which makes clothes, bags, household goods etc. linen material center. Through rational sewing technique of apparel and original idea, She is teaching easy and enjoyable sawing. Launched “LaLa Sewing et Kiyasu”, which has a fabric shop in the sewing class in 2013.

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