Wicker accessories – Bangles, brooches, barrettes, etc. made from 10 different decorative knots.

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A book that teaches how to make cute accessories made of rattan.
Earrings, earrings, bangles, rings, pins and barrettes, hairpins and bandages.

The natural texture is perfect for adult casual wear such as linen and cotton. The rattan accessories are very light and are not stressful even when worn.
Bangle and ring can be done without using metal fittings, so it is safe for people with metal allergies.
If you get the hang of it, even beginners can finish it in a few hours.
If you want to be more particular, it’s fun to dye it with coffee.

In addition to accessories, there are plenty of wrapping ideas such as making small table mats and trays, and decorating gift boxes.
Please enjoy with the wonderful illustrations of Mr. Nami Horikawa, a popular illustrator in Japan.

■ Table of contents
Valletta, hair elastic, hairpin, hair comb
Band clasp
Pochette, mini bag
Coasters & mats
Pin cushion
Wreath decoration
Swag decoration
Gift box
Gift envelopes
Christmas ornament
Vase decoration
Kitchen tools
Paper weight

◇ How to make rattan accessories and accessories
Types of rattan / tools and parts / from preparation to finishing / how to finish accessories

◇ By motif of decorative knot ・ How to make a work
Awaji knot
Rape blossom knot
Kasaya knot
Hiraume knot
Konoha knot
Turtle knot
Square knot
Hair ornament knot
Star knitting
Rolling decoration of miscellaneous goods

◇ Let’s finish three-dimensional accessories
Continuous Awaji knot bangle
Rape blossom knot hair rubber
Rape blossom knot ring

Paperback: 79 pages
Publisher: Seibundo Shinkosha (2020)
Language : Japanese

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