Accessories made with stripes pattern and dot pattern by Yumi Ishikawa (Tennen Seikatsu Book)

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Using everyone’s favorite stripes, borders, checks, and dots, cloth goods artist Yumi Ishikawa creates bags, drawstrings, lunchbox wrappers, aprons, and other small items for daily use, and how to make them.

The book is a compilation of the popular “Shima Shima Mizutama” serialization that ran in the magazine “Tennen Seikatsu” for two years from 2018 to 2020, with the addition of new works.

The universal patterns of stripes, borders, checks, and dots are easy to find at any handicraft store, so you can make them as soon as you think of it. Even if you are not good at sewing, you can easily create gorgeous, stylish, and cute works of art.

The author, who is self-taught in Western-style sewing and is not good at detailed rules, does not require any difficult skills. The charm of this book lies in the ease with which it can be made with just a few scraps of fabric, by sewing straight or by sewing squares of fabric together.

Bags & Pouches that make going out fun
Small items that make kitchen and dining time fun
Small items that make your home time more enjoyable

Paperback: 80 pages
Publisher: FUSOSHA Publishing (2022)
Language : Japanese

Author : Yumi Ishikawa

Yumi Ishikawa

Cloth accessory artist.
From 1999, she started as a cloth accessory artist.
In 2003, together with her friend, she started Ékoca, a shop that sells her utensils, miscellaneous goods, and her own cloth accessories.
Since 2008, she has devoted herself to writing. In addition to presenting her works in magazines and books, she is also active in workshops. Her relaxed, lovely, natural and gentle designs are popular among people of all ages.

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