Braid knitted with hemp and linen thread

Bag books that can be enjoyed even for beginners knitting, made of linen thread for packing and handicraft.
From usual tote to special daily dummy bags, it is only useful practical items that are user-friendly.
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We introduce 26 works from Natural Taste bags using affordable and durable packing linen bags to bags using colorful linen strings and bags with handicraft linen thread.
From the usual tote, from a beautiful color bag which becomes accents of clothes, a fashionable bag with beads and fringe, everything can be used firmly in any scenes, any one practical bag.

Since knitting with crocheting knitting can be done with crochet knitting, as well as knitting beginners, there are also suggestions for arranging ideas, and the standard classic hemp can also be made fun for those who have gotten tired of bags.

Paperback: 80 pages
Publisher: Shufu no tomo (2011)
Language : Japanese


Eriko Aoki


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Weight 300 g


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