CROCHET BAG by Eriko Aoki – 12 Months Knitting Bag

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The author, a leading expert on crochet bags, presents a wide range of knitted bag designs from basic to playful, with a bag book that can be used all year round.

Using mainly lightweight, easy-to-knit and easy-to-use raffia-like paper yarns such as Eco Andaliya, as well as fluffy yarns such as wool and mohair, you can enjoy making bags not only for spring and summer but also for fall and winter, any time of the year, for 12 months. The book also includes a total of 33 items such as pouches and accessories for each season, as well as handle covers to use with the bags. In addition to the basics of knitting, various techniques are explained in detail with photo processes.

Paperback: 96pages
Publisher: Japan Vogue (2021)
Language : Japanese



Eriko Aoki

Born in Kanagawa prefecture. After graduating from a fashion school, she worked for an apparel maker and a general store, and started working as a handicraft artist in 1996. She mainly produces bags and accessories, and she mainly produces works by sewing and knitting, and is active in various fields such as exhibitions in magazines and books, solo exhibitions and handmade classes. She has a good reputation for her simple and easy-to-use design and careful manufacturing.

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