ECO ANDARIA Basket Bag Knitted with #23 Yarn : 30 works

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ECO ANDARIA 23 yarn is a typical summer yarn known for its natural straw-like color. This book has collected recipes for baskets and bags made with the most popular yarn in the series, including tote bags, shoulder bags, marche bags, and pochettes, which are essential for summer coordination.

Although they are completed using only one color, you can create a variety of different looks by adding variations to the shape, weave, handle material, and subsidiary materials. In addition, since only No. 23 yarn is used, there is no need to have several colors of yarn.

There is no need to worry about having too much yarn, so first-timers can start with ease.

Once you get used to it, you can freely change yarns and create colorful works.

If you arrange the size and fabric in your own way, summer knitting will become even more enjoyable.

<Table of Contents>
Mercado bag
Patterned tote bag
Pouch with a clasp
Granny bag with an Agatsuma bag
One-Handle Bag
Wood Handle Square Bag
Openwork Granny Bag
Fringe Drawstring Bag
Wa-yu bag
Cell Phone Mini Bag
Leather Handle Bag
Honeycomb Drawstring Bag
Mamaru Gamaguchi-Pouch
Basket Bag
Simple bag of knitted fabrics
2WAY Flower Bag
Tote bag with pouch
Square Bag
Marche bag made of knitted knitted fabric
Agatsuma basket style bag
Square Shopping Bag
Rope Handle Bag
Circle Bag with Pom-Pom
Roughly knitted tote bag
Motif knitted clasp bag
Pochette with lace


Paperback: 95 pages
Publisher: Seibundo shinkosha (2021)
Language : Japanese

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