Origami Sewing Bag without Sewing Machine

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In this book, the back is made using the Japanese origami technique without using a sewing machine.Koji Hamai, a clothing designer who shapes the gaps in the fashion industry, presents 12 types of handmade bags, from children to adults, like origami!

001 tote bag with gusset
002 book tote bag
003 shoulder bag
004 shoulder bag with gusset
005 tote bag
006 party clutch bag
007 carry tote bag
008 clutch bag
009 DJ bag
010 hand bag
011 cat tote bag
012 dog tote bag

Paperback: 98 pages
Publisher: JKirakusha (2019)
Language : Japanese

Author : Koji Hamai

Koji Hamai

Born in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture in 1964. Clothing designer. Urutura Mai Design Office established. Graduated from Bunka Fashion College, Apparel Design Course. Joined Miyashin Co., Ltd., a textile manufacturer in Hachioji.

Received the 61st Sounen Award in 1987. Joined Miyake Design Office as a clothing designer. In 1991, he won the International Textile Design Contest “Fashion Promotion Foundation Award” and established Hamai Factory Co., Ltd. Presented an installation at the exhibition on the theme of fashion mechanisms. We develop apparel products based on the concept of mass production. Since 2006, the base of activities has been moved from Tokyo to Yamaguchi Prefecture, a place where denim is produced, to focus on items such as denim and workwear.


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