Make a snap lock purse

A book with a good sense of sense and polite way to make a snap lock purse.

It is cute but it is hard to attach. Tips for attaching gimmicky money simple and cleanly Explain by type carefully.
And the mouth is more important than the pattern paper.
I make a fashionable mouthwork by choosing a clean paper with a nice sense and cloth.
Even with the same mouthpiece, shape and usability will change just by changing the paper pattern, suggesting such a fun.

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Paperback: 112 pages
Publisher: Graphic (2019)
Language : Japanese


Kaoru Ishikawa


After studying architecture, interior, furniture design, start making bags by himself.
Currently we use old kimono and vintage fabric as sova *, making small items such as mouthpieces and bags.
It is a popular workshop with a simple workshop organized regularly, making it easy to understand and the fun of cloth. We hold exhibitions and orders several times a year.
Older ones are reborn and enjoying making things that are connected to now.

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