TANDEY handmade canvas bag

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From business to private, outdoor, choosing scenes to use and matching clothes less often, the popularity of canvas bags that can be used widely increases. This book is a handmade book of canvas bags, proposed by bag specialty shop “TANDEY” (Tandy) from Kobe which is popular in select shops nationwide, including the grocery store Cattle Saison. A unisex design that can be used for both men and women, a simple form that is easy to match from children to adults, older people, color bags, the charm of “TANDEY” itself. In addition, canvas of material is net purchase OK in 1 meter, we can introduce from tote bag using canvas of No. 8 and No. 9 to shoulder bag, backpack which can be sewn with home sewing machine. It is a perfect book as an introduction to a canvas bag, which explains easy to understand, carefully, so as to constitute a process photograph covering 17 pages, even beginners can make without fail without hesitation.

Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: Shufunotomo (2017)
Language : Japanese



In 2008, Tomoyuki Nakano · Eriko Eriko opened a semi-order style back shop in Kobe · Sakae-cho. The fabric is made mainly of canvas (canvas), using antique linen, grain suck, vintage military fabrics, etc, and attracts custom orders that can choose fabrics and colors.


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