minä perhonen?[Brand concept book]

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Fashion brand “Minä perhonen” This book weaves 15 years of history with words and photos.
A fashion brand “Minä Perhonen” launched by Akira Minagawa in 1995, with the desire to create “special everyday clothes.” Making clothes from designing the textile by the original design, continues producing fashion including poetry and narrative. Wearing clothes from Minä perhonen makes me feel light and uplifting. To create a product that boasts such a mysterious attraction, a unique brand philosophy that reverses the established concept of fashion is pervaded.This book is an attempt to combine visual and verbal expressions of the time, ideas, and efforts that have been accumulated by Minä perhonen. Based on 50 keywords such as “time”, “embroidery”, “imagination”, “wind” and “repetition”, the passion of designers who are the foundation of manufacturing and the view to society, and the compromise with various people exchanged in the production process There is no communication, and rich visuals such as textiles, ateliers, and factory appearances give reality to those words. Art direction is by Atsuki Kikuchi, who works on many graphics for Minä Perhonen. Please feel the unwavering conviction that is the core of emotional expression from this condensed 15-year history.There is no sewing pattern in this book. It is a concept book of the brand.

Paperback: 208 pages
Publisher: BNN (2011)
Language : Japanese


minä perhonen

‘minä perhonen’ is a fashion and textile brand founded in 1995 by the designer Akira Minagawa to produce clothes which do not lose their allure through lapse of time. Our design process begins with sketches, which are made into story-telling textiles. Also, we aspire to develop new materials and techniques, collaborating with many production centers at home and abroad.
They create a dress not for a special day but for every ordinary day. The name of the label minä perhonen originates in Finnish as the designer Minagawa sympathized with Scandinavian culture when he first visited Finland at the age of 19. minä means ‘I’ and perhonen is ‘butterfly’ with a wish to make many beautiful designs like those of butterflies’ wings. The brand logo signifies various characters(dots) within oneself(rectangle). Just like species of butterflies are countless, the designs too continue to increase.

Akira Minagawa(designer / founder)

Born in 1967, Tokyo. Founded ‘minä’ in 1995 (the name was changed to ‘minä perhonen’ in 2003). With the imaginative creative process and detailed drawings, he has designed numerous textiles for his own brand and the other manufactures such as Kvadrat of Denmark, KLIPPAN of Sweden.
His creation goes beyond fashion and also towards lifestyle, on which he sees a wide range of possibility to design. He offers illustrations for Asahi Shimbun Newspaper and the NIKKEI Newspaper, and some other picture books.


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  1. Amazon Japan customer

    The photos are beautiful and the composition is good.
    450 kinds of textiles from 1995 to 2010 over 16 pages? I don’t get tired of seeing it.
    A book that you will want to have for the rest of your life.

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