Perfect from the Basics! COS Costume Best Selection (Heart Warming Life Series)

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A compilation of must-have items frequently used for cosplay costume production from the sold-out “COS Costumes You Can Make Immediately,” “COS Costumes You Can Make Beautifully,” and “COS Costumes You Can Make in Various Ways.

It includes 28 easy-to-use basic items and 4 general-purpose breast pockets as arrangement parts. In addition, for cosplayers who are beginners in sewing, the book introduces the basics of sewing, how to use secondary materials, and how to make the dress, jacket, and pants in detail with photos. Includes three actual large-size sheets of paper. Sizes S~LL for women.

Paperback: 97pages
Publisher: Japan Vogue (2022)
Language : Japanese
ISBN:Japan Vogue

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