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Doll size sewing book by popular doll clothing artist “HANON”.

We introduce 12 items which can enjoy wearing and overlaying such as one piece, blouse, pants, vests, skirts, coats, bags, boots and so on.
A recipe posted recipe with an easy-to-understand picture, one step at a time.
Simple structure that even beginners can create, beautiful silhouette when you put on, repeatedly made over and over again, only the pattern of commitment.

S size is 20 cm doll (Midi Blythe etc)
M size is 22 cm doll (Neo Blythe etc)
L size is 40 cm doll (Yunoakurusu girl etc.)

Patterns adapted to each are posted.
12 items, 3 sizes each. There are 38 original size patterns in total including an additional pattern.
Plenty of race, modern and chic dark color, pretty pastel color, etc.
Please add your favorite essence and change the fabric according to the season and enjoy arranging.

Paperback: 94 pages
Publisher: hobby japan (2016)
Language : Japanese




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  1. Amazon Japan customer

    When I first met this book, I wanted to make a doll outfit for the first time. I like the design anyway, and the quality of the work is very high.

    What I felt different from other books was that the thread # 90, sewing needle # 9 and the seam width were fine, that the regular fabric was used for the return, and that after we completed it, let it wet and dry it, There are detailed instructions for finishing.

    Coordination such as layering is also helpful. The photos are also very nice.

    It is easy to handle that the paper pattern is included in the text instead of a separate sheet. Although the number of works is smaller than other books of this type, since the basic type is listed, is it up to you to arrange later?

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