Doll Sewing BOOK Obitsu 11 Pattern -11cm Size Girl’ Clothing

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The “Doll Sewing Book” series has a reputation for being easy to understand even for beginners. This time, a textbook that collects only patterns for a small doll “Obitsu 11” with a total height of 11cm appears.

This time, this book is a condensed version of a highly versatile pattern for girls. We offer step-up patterns that select sleeves, collars, skirts, etc. from “simple skirts” made from square cloth, etc., and create sleeves, collars, and skirts to create your favorite “one piece”. Patterns that fit more slimly than boys in the same “pants” are all created. In addition, there are plenty of useful information such as techniques for evenly gathering skirt gathers, how to fold wings and pleats neatly, and materials and fabrics that are perfect for making small doll clothes. Plenty of styles such as furisodes and cheongsams, cute styles of apron and kigurumi, and many other patterns can be made with different fabrics and finishes! Sandals and flat shoes, backpacks, bonnets and other accessory patterns are also included. , You can enjoy the coordination of the whole body.

Paperback: 102 pages
Publisher: Hoby Japan (2019)
Language : Japanese

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