Doll Sewing BOOK Pattern Textbook – Skirts and Pants/11 cm doll /Obitsu 11/SD16/DD dolls

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“Skirt” can be described in a variety of designs and shapes, and flare skirts, tight skirts, and pleated skirt patterns can be made with completely different approaches.
By mastering those structures and the rules of how to make them, you can make skirts of the desired shape, such as circular or mermaid.
In the same way, we will introduce how to take the “pants” prototype from basic to applied. You can challenge various forms such as chino bread, skinny, gaucho.
If you follow the steps in this textbook, you should be able to wake up any doll pattern from 11cm to 60cm!

It is introduced in a cartoon format that is easy to understand for those who have no knowledge of dressmaking, men and children.

From Obitsu 11 to SD17 boy, with a bonus to publish 30 popular doll pants prototypes at full size!
This time, male and female models are posted, so you can see the difference between the boys and girls pants prototype silhouette.

Paperback: 87 pages
Publisher: Hoby Japan (2017)
Language : Japanese

Sawako Araki’s Books

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