Well Made Hat by Sayaka Akamine

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This is Sayaka Akamine’s first book on hats, introducing a total of 20 pieces based on 10 different patterns and arrangements.

The book is a collection of casually cute designs that can be worn from going out to just about anywhere without hesitation.

The book also shows how the same pattern can be used in two ways, with different brim widths, with different fabrics, and with different tastes depending on the fabrics used.

Large photos are used to explain in detail the important sewing methods for hat making, such as how to sew a beautiful curve, how to stitch, aligning the top of the crown, sewing a thick part, sewing between cords, piping the brim edge, sewing a size ribbon, dovetailing, how to measure and adjust the head circumference, and more.

The large photos are used to explain in detail. Because hats are the key to fashion, the book provides detailed explanations so that they can be made beautifully. The actual large-size paper is easy to copy as there are no overlapping parts.

A-1 Bucket hat – mountain girl style
A-2 Bucket hat, formal style
A-3 Bucket hat, long brim
B-1 Capiline Hallelujah Style
B-2 Capiline 2-way Type
C-1 Can Can Hat – Men’s Style
C-2 Can Can Hat – Natural Taste
D Marine cap sailor collar
E Work cap, army collar
F-1 6-ply crochet strolling hat
F-2 6-ply crochet school hat
F-3 6-ply crochet outdoor style
G-1 Cap – Street Style
G-2 cap, field trip cap / boyish
H-1 casket
H-2 Casket / Town Styles
H-3 Casket / Stylish
I-1 Tulip Hat – Kids Reversible
I-2 Tulip Hat – Adults Reversible
J Beret – girly style
Before you begin  How to sew
Lesson  How to make a piece


Paperback:72 pages
Publisher: SHUFU TO SEIKATSU SHA (2022)
Language : Japanese


Author : Sayaka Akamine

Sayaka Akamine

After working on the planning and design of clothing accessories at an apparel and accessories manufacturer, she became a freelancer.
In addition to planning, designing, and sample makeup mainly for manufacturers, she also provides works for books and magazines. Her also creates and sells original fashion accessories and conducts workshops.
She uses natural materials such as canvas, linen, and leather, and specializes in simple designs that are easy to use and durable.

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