a sunny spot – Girls’ Everyday Clothes (Augmented and Revised Edition) – Mayuko Murata

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This is an expanded and revised edition of the same title published in 2012. In addition to the existing works, 5 works that can be made by arrangement are added. The total number of works has been increased to 23, and the book has been reborn as a new edition.

The easy-to-make, simple and basic pieces will never go out of style and will always make girls look cute. Please enjoy making them with your favorite fabrics and have lots of fun coordinating your daily life.
90~140 size. Includes 2 sheets of actual large-size paper. Patterns are printed in three colors for easy searching and copying.

Paperback:80 pages
Publisher: Japan Vogue (2022)
Language : Japanese

Author : Mayuko Murata(a sunny spot)

Mayuko Murata(a sunny spot)

In 2003, She started to introduce handmade clothes as “a sunny spot”. Simple and easy to make, fashionable adult clothes and girls’ clothes are gaining popularity. She is also the mother of two girls.

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