Comfortable Kids Wardrobe by Yoko Nogi

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70/80/90/100 size small children’s clothing. Pursuing ease of putting on and taking off and ease of movement while having a sophisticated design.


Focusing on simple and timeless items that are particular about tailoring, we will add small items such as bow ties to develop coordination.

Paperback: 80 pages
Publisher: Japan Vogue (2018)
Language : Japanese


Yoko Nogi

Kuwasawa Design Institute Graduated from Dress design department. Later, studied French haute couture at Maison Sapho School of Dressmaking and Design. Currently, while holding adult clothes workshop, work is presented mainly for adults and children’s clothing. He also engages in the design of original sewing machines and suggests the enjoyment of sewing. In his book “Bags and wear books that can be fastened for the first time” (Japanese literary arts company), “clothes that are comfortable to wear and tear” (Nihon Vogue) and many others.

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