Everyday Girls Clothes by Pattern Label – Yuki Katagai

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A total of 30 girls’clothes and 4 accessories such as pochettes and hats are posted.


In addition to the One Piece photography process lesson and the basics of sewing, the illustrations of how to make are colored to explain the sewing points in an easy-to-understand manner.

In addition, the size development and the number of paper patterns have increased, and 3 sheets of actual large paper of 90 to 140 cm size are included (all printed in 2 colors). Special appendix Pattern label original with 1 each of her tag and piss name.

Paperback: 104 pages
Publisher: Japan Vogue (2019)
Language : Japanese

Author : Pattern Label / Yuki Katagai

Pattern Label / Yuki Katagai

Presided over the online paper pattern shop “Pattern Label”.

She graduated from Bunka Fashion College with an award for excellence. After working as a pattern designer and designer at an apparel company, she started an online shop in 2005 that sells original patterns while raising children.

She handles many genres such as ladies’, men’s, children’s clothing, baby clothing, bags, hats, and household goods. It has a good reputation for its sophisticated silhouette and researched method of making it easy to sew even with a household sewing machine.

Pattern Label / Yuki Katagai’s Books

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