SEW BASIC For boys and girls by PALLET

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Introducing pants, tops, outerwear, etc. that boys and girls of 130-160 cm size can wear every day, proposed by Mr. Koji Yoshikawa, who has served as a patterner for popular American casual brands for many years.


Paperback: 112 pages

Publisher: Japan vogue (2020)

Language : Japanese

Author : Koji Yoshikawa(PALLET)

Koji Yoshikawa(PALLET)

Served as a patterner for a popular American casual brand, and launched an online pattern shop “PALETTE” after becoming a father of two children.
Sophisticated lines and a wide range of sizes have made it popular, and it has a good reputation for the finish when asked “Where did you buy the clothes?”, And it quickly became a popular pattern shop.

Koji Yoshikawa(PALLET)’s Books

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