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The imported yarn store “amuhibi” in Fukuoka has been attracting attention in recent years. The owner, who is also a graphic designer, uses her sense of style to create knit designs that are full of charm and not bound by conventional knitting theories.

This book contains 12 wear items and 5 accessories carefully knitted with high quality yarn and stylish photos.

The wears are available in two sizes (M & L), different yarns and colors are also listed, and practical support is provided, such as a downloadable checklist that is useful when knitting.

Paperback: 104 pages
Publisher: Japan Vogue (2022)
Language : Japanese

Author : Mikiko Umemoto

Mikiko Umemoto

Owner of Fukuoka’s imported yarn shop “amuhibi”. It is attracting attention from all over the country for its stylish shop and knit design that has been refined by the sense of a former graphic designer.

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