Animal Designs Knit Bags by Erika Tokai

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The animals that everyone loves are woven into everyday bags.
From familiar animals such as dogs, cats and birds to large animals such as wolves and lions,
More than 20 kinds of creatures are woven.

The main shape of the bag is a tote bag.
Change the length of the handle and the size of the main unit so that it can be used according to the purpose
Even the same tote bag has various variations in size and shape.
Some variations such as pochettes and mufflers are also included.

The main body is knitted by knitting.
After finishing the knitting, embroider the embroidered work with wool.
The front and back are completed by attaching the handle crocheted and the inner bag made of cloth.
Large pieces take a little time,
The more threads you use for braiding, the more difficult it will be,
When completed, you can meet very nice animals.

All bags are almost the same except for the braided parts.
As the basics of bag making, we posted how to make “fox bags” with photos of all processes,
If you do not understand the procedure
You can return to this how to make page to check the process.

Paperback: 111 pages
Publisher: Seibundo shinkosha (2016)
Language : Japanese

Author:Erika Tokai

Erika Tokai

Knit designer. Graduated from Women’s Art Junior College, Department of Design, Clothing Design Class.
After working for a yarn manufacturer and apparel manufacturer, he began producing knit bags in 2002.
A wide range of activities such as solo exhibitions, lecturer activities, and kit design.


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