Bernd Kestler’s Easiest Brioche Knitting

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This book on brioche knitting features both the front and back sides, selected by Bernd Kestler, who is a master of color.

Composed only of brioche patterns for beginners, brioche knitting, which is often considered difficult, can be mastered very easily by Bernd Kestler’s unique knitting technique with easy color development and color scheme combinations.

Paperback:128 pages
Publisher: NIHONBUNGEISHA (2021)
Language : Japanese

Author : Bernd Kestler

Bernd Kestler

A knit designer from Germany. He started knitting by himself at the age of 12. Since coming to Japan in 1998, he has been a lecturer in knitting classes all over the country, and has launched a “Knit for Japan” project for people who feel cold in the disaster area during the Great East Japan Earthquake. We are engaged in social activities. He loves motorcycles and goes out with knitting tools on a daily basis.

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