Funny shape knits by Asuka Hamada

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The first knit book by popular designer Asuka Hamada. A strange shape that I have never seen as a sweater. Helped by the flexibility of the knit, it fits comfortably in the body when worn, and the parts that do not follow the body become interesting silhouettes and drapes. Please enjoy the fun of the shape with simple techniques such as knitting and rubber knitting.

Paperback: 87 pages
Publisher: Bunka publishing (2020)
Language : Japanese


Asuka Hamada


Designer of THERIACA. After studying textile design in Japan and Canada, She was involved in apparel planning as a fashion designer for several years, and passed away. She has studied about fashion and patterns and continue making clothes with free ideas. Currently she is doing her own project in Berlin and writing a book as a tool to convey the fun of clothes.

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