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A collection of knit accessories proposed by popular knit designer Kazekobo. Centering on what is said to be a traditional pattern, the work is designed by selecting a thread that matches the pattern, and the better the longer it is used. The items listed are 22 items including hats, mittens, arm covers, snoods, neck warmers, socks that can be enjoyed as fashion items as well as winter. “There are a lot of works using a little thin thread, but since it is a small item, the area to be knitted is small, and if you proceed with knitting little by little, you will surely be able to complete it. is”.

Paperback: 80 pages
Publisher: Shufu to seikatusha (2019)
Language : Japanese



She Studied stage art at Musashino Art University. Studied knitting by self-study and published works in magazines and books since the twenties. Regardless of technique, from needle knitting to lace knitting, he is active in Japan. Has a reputation for sophisticated design and beautiful color schemes.


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