Kazekobo Classic Knit Knitting, Knitting, Wearing (Let’s knit series)

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A handknitting style book with the theme of “simple and easy to knit, you will want to wear it every day” proposed by popular knit artist Kazekobo.

The book features mainly autumn and winter wear and accessories made of high quality wool, alpaca, and cashmere, as well as summer knitwear made of cotton and linen, which can be used all year round.

The book features 26 knitwear pieces with basic designs and suitable for a wide range of people, including a white and black sweater with a tree pattern, a color scheme knit with a beautiful gradation, and linen + silk summer sweaters and wovens.
Wear pieces are produced in size M or LL, and knitting diagrams are available in M, L, and LL sizes. You can arrange them just right or over the top to your preferred size.

Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: Japan Vogue (2022)
Language : Japanese



She Studied stage art at Musashino Art University. Studied knitting by self-study and published works in magazines and books since the twenties. Regardless of technique, from needle knitting to lace knitting, he is active in Japan. Has a reputation for sophisticated design and beautiful color schemes.


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