Kazekobo’s Standard and Simple Knit Clothes

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Popular knit designer Kaze Kobo proposes simple knits that you will want to wear every day based on the concept of “knits that suit everyone” and “knits that you want to knit.”

Introduced in M, L, and LL sizes, such as a gradation sweater knitted with extra-fine mohair and baby alpaca, a striped cardigan with fun color matching, a delicate cable vest that enthusiasts like, and a spring knit of linen and silk.

The clothing works are produced in M and LL sizes, and the LL model’s just-sized knit is worn by the M model in oversize, making it easy to arrange the size to your liking.

A wide range of fashionable and convenient accessories such as shawls, snoods, and hats. 24 items of adult knit items that can be enjoyed without age.

Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: Japan Vogue (2020)
Language : Japanese



She Studied stage art at Musashino Art University. Studied knitting by self-study and published works in magazines and books since the twenties. Regardless of technique, from needle knitting to lace knitting, he is active in Japan. Has a reputation for sophisticated design and beautiful color schemes.


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