Knit Your own Size Sweater : How to knit with your favorite size and yarn

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This book introduces a simple method for adjusting the size of a bar needle knitted sweater that does not require specialized knowledge.
This book is full of know-how for knitting sweaters more freely and enjoyably to your own specifications.

“I want to knit the sweaters shown in knitting books and magazines, but they don’t fit my size.”
“I want to knit sweaters in my own gauge. I want to knit in my own gauge if possible.”
“I want to knit with a different yarn from the specified one, but I don’t know how to adjust it.”
If you are thinking like this, this guide will help you.

First, using a simple crew-neck sweater as an example, the book explains basic methods for changing the length and width of the sweater, as well as how to adjust the increase/decrease of the stitch, how to adjust the knitted fabric with patterns, and various other useful adjustment methods, not limited to sweater knitting. Then, for each of the seven sweater types (raglan sleeve, round yoke, side knit, saddle shoulder, and three types of drop shoulder), he explains the key points and calculation methods for size adjustment based on the characteristics of each type.

The addition of the last section, “How to Knit in Your Own Gauge,” allows for adjustments in case you have trouble matching gauges or want to replace the yarn with a yarn of your choice.

Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: Shogakukan (2022)
Language : Japanese

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