Miknits Big item + Small item 2 Volume Set Original Boxed by Mariko Mikuni

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* Since it will be released on October 16, 2020, it will be shipped after that.
A set of 2 volumes, “Miknits Big Edition” and “Miknits Small Edition”, is included in the original case.

The long-awaited book of Mariko Mikuni’s knitting kit “Miknits”, which is gaining popularity in the online store “Hobonichi”.

“Big Edition” selects only clothing such as sweaters, cardigans and vests, and “Small items” selects only small items such as mittens, hats, mufflers, socks, and tea cozy.

In addition to Japanese knitting drawings, self-liner notes and English patterns are included.

Page : 262
Publisher: Bunka Publishing (2020)
Language : Japanese
ISBN : 978-4579117550

Author:Mariko Mikuni(Miknits)

Mikuni Mariko

Knit designer. Born in Niigata in 1971.
It all started when she was three years old when she learned knitting from her grandmother.
By the time she attended Waseda University’s Faculty of Letters, Department of French, she unraveled foreign books.
She deepened her research on knit technology and design, and devoted himself to her creations.
After graduating from college, she went through several professions before becoming a knit designer.
In 2009, published “Knitting Komono” (Bunka Publishing Bureau).
Since then, She will continue to publish her works in books and magazines.

In 2011, it first appeared on the website “Hobonikkan Itoi Shimbun – Hobonichi” sponsored by Shigesato Itoi.
Since then, She has expanded her range of activities such as designing knitting kits and products, buying vintage knits and clothes, and miscellaneous goods.

Since 2012, She has been a designer of “Kesennuma Knitting”.

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