Miniature Knit Collection for 22cm Dolls

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Introducing a full-fledged traditional knit in a 22 cm doll size.
Created by knit designers active in the front lines
Fair Isle, Alan, Argyle, Guernsey,
Nordic, Loppi, Cowichan,
Shetland lace and so on.
European traditional knit mainly in Northern Europe
All are faithfully reproduced in spite of being miniature.

It is knitted with medium and fine yarn using bead knitting needles.
Small but elaborate, small and cute.
Even if you give up on knitting for yourself,
Even if you do not have the opportunity to wear even knitting,
You can enjoy the fun of knitting.
Of course, Licca and Blythe
Even when dressed in a 22 cm doll,
You can also enjoy it as an object.
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Paperback: 63 pages
Publisher: Japan Bungei (2019)
Language : Japanese

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