Nomad knit knitted with Icelandic Lopi by Saichika

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Known as yarn for the Lopi sweater, which is a traditional Icelandic knit, Lopi is also a yarn with unique characteristics and textures derived from the raw material Icelandic wool, such as being lighter and warmer than ordinary wool and having high water repellency. The theme of this book is to enjoy such yarns with more free ideas!

Saichika, who has a reputation for making fun patterns by knitting and making use of the characteristics of the materials, designed about 19 items such as sweaters, hats, bags, and room shoes that bring out the charm of Lopi Yarn.

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Sweet twisted, fluffy and light, bulky. Such a lopi yarn is attractive because it has a natural feel that leaves plenty of “sheep feeling”. The standard “Alafosslopi” (extremely thick) and “Lettlopi” (normally thick) are used in this book, but we propose a different way of enjoying. A book full of fun ideas unique to Saichika, such as the “Shepherd Series” that derives from the basic pattern of sweaters to dresses, felt vests, and jackets.

Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: Shogakukan (2021)
Language : Japanese



Knit designer. Graduated from Bunka Fashion College. Learn to make clothes, knit and design. In 2010, he began providing knit designs to numerous magazines, books, manufacturers, etc. The refined and fun original design has gained popularity. He is also a knit director at design studio SAQULAI.Inc.


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