Wonderful knit for two people by Saichika & Yoshiko Hyodo

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Knit designers Saichika and Yoshiko Hyodo knitted work on five the same themes. How do you feel about the theme, how to select and finish the yarn … Interesting “wonderful knit”.
In addition to contrasting the individuality of the works, there are also interesting interpretations of each theme. Two carefully selected works line up, and it should be an attractive book more than twice as usual.

Paperback: 95 pages
Publisher: Bunka Publishing (2016)
Language : Japanese

Author : Saichika


Knit designer. Graduated from Bunka Fashion College. Learn to make clothes, knit and design. In 2010, he began providing knit designs to numerous magazines, books, manufacturers, etc. The refined and fun original design has gained popularity. He is also a knit director at design studio SAQULAI.Inc.


Author : Yoshiko Hyodo

Yoshiko Hyodo

Born in Tokyo. Awakened to handicrafts such as dressmaking since childhood, and after graduating from junior college, studied cutting and design at Bunka Fashion College. After graduating, he joined a major apparel company and worked as a designer. Independent in 1991. Established Carla Co., Ltd. and worked on design and planning centering on knitwear.


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