Top Down and Side to Side Knit Clothes by Kazekobo

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A collection of works by a popular knit designer, Kaze Kobo, focusing on the knitting direction. Knits knitted from above are becoming more popular because the length can be determined while trying on them and there are few stitches.

Knits knitted from the side can be silhouetted by increasing or decreasing stitches or flechage knitting, expanding the range of designs. Both of them use a lot of needles, so we explain the convenient usage of needles “Magic Loop” with photos.

Paperback: 95 pages
Publisher: Bunka publishing (2019)
Language : Japanese



She Studied stage art at Musashino Art University. Studied knitting by self-study and published works in magazines and books since the twenties. Regardless of technique, from needle knitting to lace knitting, he is active in Japan. Has a reputation for sophisticated design and beautiful color schemes.


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