What this, knit by Tomoko Noguchi and iiii

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Tomoko Noguchi and iiii introduce classic knit items with unique designs that are not overly difficult to make.

Even shapes that may seem out of the ordinary become very cute silhouettes when worn and fit comfortably on the body.
Many of the knitted fabrics are simple, and it is fun to see how the shapes are formed, so you can knit them in a jiffy.
The book also includes small items in different colors and coordinated styles. These knits are fun to knit and wear.

Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: graphic (2022)
Language : Japanese

Author : Tomoko Noguchi

Tomoko Noguchi

knit designer. Born in 1980 in Kanagawa Prefecture.
She graduated from Bunka Fashion College knit design department. While she was in school, she was selected as Master Lineapiu sponsored by Lineapiu (Italian spinning maker), and in 2002 she went to Florence on a scholarship to study abroad.
After returning to Japan in 2005, she worked as a knit designer and buyer, and in 2006, started her hand knit brand “eccomin”. In addition to presenting his collection, she has contributed many works to magazines and books.
In 2015, she opened “chocoshoe,” a handicrafts and crafts shop in Shibuya.

Tomoko Noguchi’s Books


Author : iiii


knitting / weaving artist

Tomoko Noguchi’s Books

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