MENS SHIRT Making Book by Ryuichiro Shimazaki

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This book contains only basic designs of men’s shirts. This book introduces 30 points, including fabric differences, with a story about shirts. Includes S, M, L, XL full-size patterns that are useful for beginners to mens designers.
This book has a full-length pattern.

Paperback: 79 pages
Publisher: Bunka Publishing (2006)
Language : Japanese

Author : Ryuichiro Shimazaki

Ryuichiro Shimazaki

In 1988, after graduating from the Bunka Fashion College, apparel design department, he joined the Masaru Amano Design Room and was in charge of MUJI’s men’s design. In 1993 he and Sato Hisa, who independently designed the same MUJI women’s, launched the “beige shop” brand. In 1994 he made his debut at Isetan Shinjuku “Liberation Ward” and participated in the Tokyo Collection. In 1997, he participated in the Tokyo collection with his own men’s brand, RYUICHIRO SHIMAZAKI homme, and currently offers license design for the New York brand, design consulting for major apparel, and brand direction, as well as Japan’s leading railway and automobile companies. He also designs uniforms.

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3 reviews for MENS SHIRT Making Book by Ryuichiro Shimazaki

  1. Amazon Japan customer

    You can make a basic shirt.
    I think that it is difficult for beginners, but it seems that other people can make it. There is also a pattern.

    The good thing about this book is that the buttons are written with photos.
    The buttons are important, but nothing else is written in other books.
    The photo is beautiful, so it is recommended for those who want to make a men’s shirt.

  2. Rick (verified owner)

    I could not find any other book with as many details about men’s shirts as this one and am very happy with my purchase. The patterns, instructions & illustrations make it that I can, slowly but surely, make very nice shirts.

  3. Rasa (verified owner)

    This book is a piece of art, great for learning different types and details of shirts. Awesome customer service.

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