a sunny spot – Daily simple & comfy clothes – Mayuko Murata

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A sunny spot Mayuko Murata’s long-awaited adult clothing book, which is easy to make with a simple design and is popular for fashionable clothes.


From blouses, shirts and dresses to pants and skirts you want to wear together, and popular coats from a sunny spot.

With a loose and loose silhouette with dropped shoulders, you can make comfortable clothes that look like people who wear them along your body.

For the basic patterns A to C, you can freely change the collar, sleeves, length, etc. of the pattern, so you can easily enjoy the original arrangement. Comes with XS / S / M / L size real large paper. The XS size is also recommended for children who have outsized children’s clothing books.

This book has a full-length pattern.

Paperback: 88 pages
Publisher: KADOKAWA (2020)
Language : Japanese

Author : Mayuko Murata(a sunny spot)

Mayuko Murata(a sunny spot)

In 2003, She started to introduce handmade clothes as “a sunny spot”. Simple and easy to make, fashionable adult clothes and girls’ clothes are gaining popularity. She is also the mother of two girls.

Mayuko Murata(a sunny spot) ‘s Books

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