Sewing closet of ATELIER to nani IRO | Naomi Ito

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Designer Naomi Ito and the staff of “ATELIER to nani IRO” publish daily wears for adults who have considered “clothes that they really want to wear”.
18 ideas, 47 works created from each other with many ideas.
Shapes assigned to workshops and apparel in the atelier
Also includes items that have gained popularity.
It also introduces the dressing by Naomi Ito and the staff.
S, M & L, L +, with a full-size pattern of LL.
This book has a full-length pattern.

Paperback: 87 pages
Publisher: Bunka publishing (2018)
Language : Japanese


Naomi Ito | ATELIER to nani IRO

Watercolor painter and textile designer.
She lives in Iga City, Mie Prefecture. Get inspired by elements from nature and draw poetry like spinning.
In 2002, She started “nani IRO Textile” including textile design.
She also works on book bindings, TV commercials, dramas, picture books, interiors, CI plans, and workshops using words and watercolors.
Opened ATELIER to naniIRO in Osaka in 2012. As a shop and atelier, we regularly hold events and workshops, as all the naniIRO’s ingredients are in order.


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1 review for Sewing closet of ATELIER to nani IRO | Naomi Ito

  1. Amazon Japan customer

    We usually use clothes, but it is easy to use as clothes.
    The atmosphere is different and fun with the same type of fabric.
    It is fun to make fashionable clothes yourself.
    I’m glad I bought it.

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