Couturier sewing class Adult Clothing Masterpiece Encyclopedia – Yukari Nakano

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This is a revised and expanded edition of the previously published books “Clothes that suit adults” and “Clothes going out,” featuring popular items from the two books and adding five new pieces.

The author’s motto is “Cool clothes that are quick and easy to make,” and the book includes pieces that can be made quickly, worn, and enjoyed.

The book also includes recommended fabrics for making each piece and the length of fabric needed for making a piece using 110cm, 130cm, and 145cm width fabrics, making it useful when buying fabrics or making a piece with fabrics you have on hand.

Available in six sizes (XS/S/M/L/LL/3L). It can be enjoyed by people of various body types. A total of 33 items are included: 16 tops, 7 pants, 8 dresses/jumper skirts, and 2 jackets.

Comes with 3 full-size papers including seam allowance.


Paperback: 104 pages
Publisher: Japan Vogue (2022)
Language : Japanese


Author : Yukari Nakano

Yukari Nakano

President of the dressmaking class “couturier”. Learned technology at a strict dressmaking school and acquired fashion knowledge and sense through the work of a famous apparel company. 2002 Opened a dressmaking class centered on children’s clothing. In 2011, it was renewed as “couturier sewing class”. She is currently conducting dressmaking lessons for adult women.

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