Daily wear made with pattern arrangement by TOWN

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TOWN has a reputation for a pattern that has both a beautiful silhouette and ease of making. The 2nd stage of the pattern arrangement book by two people who preside over the label. They will introduce various pattern arrangements based on the real size pattern of “Kimono Shape”.
The theme this time is “everyday wear”. We propose items with a sense of trend in a basic style. Open the pattern to flare, add gathers, or enjoy various arrangements, such as adding parts and changing the type of collar. Let’s try not only using the full size pattern as it is, but also a new shape that you can meet with pattern arrangement. The pattern size is 1 for 7.9 and 2 for 11.13.
This book has full-length pattern.

Paperback: 87 pages
Publisher: Bunka Publishing (2020)
Language : Japanese

Author : TOWN


“TOWN” pattern label is a joint project of “KICHIYA PATTERN” Ryoichi Kichiya and “short finger” Mami Watanabe.

Ryoichi Kichiya

Patterner. Graduated from Bunka Fashion College. Born in 1976. Worked as a ladies patterner for a major apparel manufacturer for about 18 years. Independent in 2015. Currently, he works on a wide range of patterns, from major apparel manufacturers in Tokyo to brands around Kamakura City, Kanagawa, where he lives, and also performs writer activities to sell original parent and child clothes under the name of “KICHIYA PATTERN” irregularly.
In 2016, he started a label “TOWN” with a cut pattern with a seam allowance together with Mami Watanabe, a close friend from the time of the apparel maker.

Mami Watanabe

designer. Graduated from Tokyo Mode Gakuen. Born in 1975. Worked as a knit designer at a major apparel manufacturer. After working as a faculty member of the College of Apparel, moved to Hayama-cho, Kanagawa Prefecture in 2007. Established the brand “short finger” in 2008. In 2015, opened the atelier CORNER in Hayama-cho. She hold order receiving parties nationwide, collaborate with stores, and sewing classes.

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