Easy Couture by Tatsuya Kaigai (Lady Boutique Series no.8259)

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Designer Tatsuya Kaigai proposes one-piece dresses, blouses, and skirts with the motto, “Clothes that are easy to make but give a sense of adult elegance when worn.

The clothes have just the right amount of “looseness” but are finished with elegance, so you don’t have to worry about coordinating them because they look great on their own.
The magazine is published in S, M, L, and LL sizes, with actual large-size papers.

Paperback: 80pages
Publisher: Boutique-sha (2022)
Language : Japanese

Author : Tatsuya Kaigai

Tatsuya Kaigai

Fashion designer. After working as an apparel designer and MD, he founded “nude design studio”. In 2003, the women’s wear brand “warp & woof restriction of output” was started.

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