Easy dress that can be sewn in one day by Quoi Quoi

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There are no fasteners or buttons, even elderly women can easily put on and take off, it is easy to sew, it is well-ventilated and comfortable to wear!
Proposed with 13 carefully selected patterns for adult women, including sleeves, neckline, body line, and length.
Mainly sleeveless and short sleeves, but there are also long sleeves, which can be worn all year round depending on the coordination.
Grading so that it can be worn by people from S size to LL size.
Comes with 2 sheets of real large paper that are easy to see and copy.
This book has a full-length pattern.

Paperback: 48 pages
Publisher: Shufu no tomo (2020)
Language : Japanese
ISBN : 978-4074430680

Author : Quoi Quoi

Quoi Quoi

Unit of sawing and handicraft by Mami Kumon and Asami Mishiro. Both of them learn clothing at the cultural clothing graduate school. As a senior junior at the same apparel maker, after forming a retirement “Quoi? Quoi? ” formed. “Quoi Quoi” Has the meaning of “Why why?” In French.
A little creative but creative with a cute mood is a creed.

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