Favorite clothes forever. Various simple arrangements from one pattern by Quoi Quoi

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This book has selected authors’ favorite details and items. “Pepprum” and “boat neck” and “trapezoid skirt” and “Salopette” etc. The silhouette changes with the adjustment of the length and the width, or the item changes by plus the parts.

Paperback: 95 pages
Publisher: Bunka Publishing (2017)
Language : Japanese


A01 Outgather’s Pepe Lamb Blouse P.6
A02 Gathered pepulam blouse P.8
A03 Gather Pepe Lump One Piece P.9

[B] V Neck
B01 V neck blouse P.10
B02 French sleeve one piece P.12
B03 Long Sleeve One Piece

[C] raglan sleeve
C01 Raglan dress with bow P.14
C02 Raglan dress of gather collar P.15
C03 Raglan dress on sash ribbon P.16

[D] Trapezoidal skirt
D01 Wrap style trapezoidal skirt P.17
D02 Tuck cart under knee length P.18
D03 Mimore length tax cart P.19

[E] wide pants
E01 Suspenders wide pants P.20
E02 Gather wide pants P.21

[F] crew neck
F01 Crew neck blouse P.22
F02 Gather on sleeve dress P.23
F03 Bell sleeve blouse P.24

[G] Sunpet
G01 Jumper skirt P.26
G02 San pet pants P.27

[H] boat neck
H01 Boat neck blouse P.29
H02 Gather sleeve blouse P.30
H03 One piece of back gather P.32

[I] Straight pants
I01 Straight pants P.34
I 02 Jogger Pants P.35

[J] gather skirt
J01 Flower pattern long skirt P.36
J02 plain maxi length skirt P.37
J03 striped panel skirt P.38
J04 Wide Rubber Skirt P.39


Author : Quoi Quoi

Quoi Quoi

Unit of sawing and handicraft by Mami Kumon and Asami Mishiro. Both of them learn clothing at the cultural clothing graduate school. As a senior junior at the same apparel maker, after forming a retirement “Quoi? Quoi? ” formed. “Quoi Quoi” Has the meaning of “Why why?” In French.
A little creative but creative with a cute mood is a creed.

Quoi Quoi’s Books

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