Gather clothes Tuck clothes by Yoshiko Tsukiori

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A collection of adult clothes with gathers and tacks. Gather is “gather, gather,” and tack is “knob, rip”, which is a decorative technique to make a three-dimensional fabric. Gathers and tacks make it soft and easy to wear, as well as a design point, and it looks like a fancy atmosphere. It is fashionable but casual, and introduces 27 clothes that can be worn every day. It is with real large paper of S, M, L, LL. How to gather, how to fold the tack, and tips on sewing unique to the author are explained in detail in the process photo.This book has a full-length pattern.

Paperback: 80 pages
Publisher: VOGUE JAPAN (2019)
Language : Japanese


Yoshiko Tsukiori

After graduating from art university, she became independent after working for an apparel company.Her design is simple, but she has a reputation for three-dimensional and beautiful silhouettes. Has many works and is popular not only in Japan but also overseas.

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