My Own Comfortable Clothes by encre (Heart Warming Life Series)

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This is a collection of clothing from encre, an original brand in which the designer himself handles all design, pattern, and sewing.

While valuing the atmosphere and comfort that the clothes give off, the brand aims to create clothes that are not fleeting, but have a presence that will endear them to customers over time. The materials selected from his experience working at a dyeing and weaving studio are also noteworthy.
Comes with actual large paper in S, M, L, and LL sizes.

Paperback: 80 pages
Publisher: Japan Vogue (2020)
Language : Japanese

Author : Kiyoko Sakaida

Kiyoko Sakaida

Born in Miyazaki prefecture. She graduated from Kyushu Fashion College. After working at an apparel manufacturer and a dyeing and weaving studio, she started her original brand “encre” in 2002.

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