Piece work by Asuka Hamada(THERIACA) patterns

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Cut the cloth into small pieces and large pieces,
When making clothes in combination like a puzzle,
It is different from what I made with a piece of cloth, the taste and strength was out.
Tops, skirts, pants, dresses, bags that combine fabrics.
Depending on the arrangement of cloth and pieces to be matched, various arrangements are possible.
Clothing silhouette is reminiscent of the author’s first work “Form of clothes”
Unique but sophisticated design.The process of thinking about cloth matching is also a book of clothing making with fun to wear.

This book has a full-length pattern.
Paperback: 79 pages
Publisher: Bunka publishing (2017)
Language : Japanese


4 (A) Triangular piece clothes A
6 (B) Triangular piece clothes B
7 (C) Triangular piece clothes C
8 (D) Tax Cart Dress
10 (E) square coat
12 (F) turtleneck sweater
14 (G) patch pocket dress
16 (H) convex top
20 (I) round top
(J) square top
22 (K) piece work skirt
23 (L) piece work pants
24 (M) square sleeve T-shirt
26 (N1) Hexagonal Pullover
27 (N2) Relax shorts
28 (O1) (O2) (O3) (O4) bag
30 (P1) (P2) Triangular dot pullover

33 How to make


Asuka Hamada


Designer of THERIACA. After studying textile design in Japan and Canada, She was involved in apparel planning as a fashion designer for several years, and passed away. She has studied about fashion and patterns and continue making clothes with free ideas. Currently she is doing her own project in Berlin and writing a book as a tool to convey the fun of clothes.

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