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SEA SALT is a brand of SUNSHINE + CLOUD in Hayama, a seaside town. Considering the fine details, it has a good reputation for the beauty of the silhouette.

In this book, They have clothes with the theme of feeling from lotus and water lily, and comfortable clothes such as myao skirts and egg line dresses that look good in the city or at the beach.

Paperback: 79 pages
Publisher: Bunka publishing (2022)
Language : Japanese
ISBN: 978-4579117772


Seiko Namikawa (SEA SALT)

Graduated from Bunka Fashion College apparel design department. She has worked for 12 years as a textile designer for Unglobal Co., Ltd. “Margaret Howell” women’s. After working for her own brand “Aetre Pie New”, she is currently working as a designer for Hayama SUNSHINE + CLOUD’s original brand “SEA SALT” at Grown in the Sun Co., Ltd. under the direction of Hayato Takasu.

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