Slightly sweet daily wear by Quoi Quoi

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The theme is moderately sweet, moderately casual, and a balance that suits adult women. Of course, it is a design and pattern that was devised so that it could correspond to a gorgeous scene if the material is changed as well as everyday. Don’t try to make items comfortable to wear, as it is exciting to coordinate. With a full-size pattern of S.M.L.2L.3L.
This book has a full-length pattern.

Paperback: 79 pages
Publisher: Bunka Publishing (2019)
Language : Japanese


A: Round yoke blouse p.04, 05
B: Balloon dress p.06, 07
C: Ruffled blouse p.08, 12
D: Cape color dress p.10, 11
E: Hem frilled skirt p.14, 15
F: Kash Cool Coat Dress (Long) p. 17
G: Kashkour Coat Dress (Medium) p. 27
H: Circus pants p.18
I: Wide pants p. 19
J: Tuck dress p. 20, 21
K: Wave tack blouse p. 22
L: Wave Tack Dress p. 23
M: Six skirts p. 24
N: Six-piece skirt (long) p. 25
O: Saruel pants p.28, 29
P: No color robe p. 30, 32
Q: No color robe (short) p.31

How to make p.33

Author : Quoi Quoi

Quoi Quoi

Unit of sawing and handicraft by Mami Kumon and Asami Mishiro. Both of them learn clothing at the cultural clothing graduate school. As a senior junior at the same apparel maker, after forming a retirement “Quoi? Quoi? ” formed. “Quoi Quoi” Has the meaning of “Why why?” In French.
A little creative but creative with a cute mood is a creed.

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1 review for Slightly sweet daily wear by Quoi Quoi

  1. Amazon Japan customer

    The silhouettes were beautiful because they could be made more easily than they looked.
    I’m slim, so I was tired of all the books because they had lots of fuzzy and healthy silhouettes, but this book has a modern design and elaborate patterns that incorporate the trend.
    If you want to make beautiful clothes for imadoki, it’s probably the strongest handicraft book on sale.

    Although it is a beginner to handicrafts, it is a book that will motivate you to try difficult clothes.

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