The Factory Sewing Book – Roshan Silva

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A total of 23 items from popular classic clothes and new items of the original clothing brand “THE FACTORY” by Roshan Silva, the owner of “la vie a la canpagne”, a store selling original clothes, bread and sundries.Blouse, dress, pants, skirt, jacket, coat, etc. are simple and not strange, but the lines and details are a little elaborate. It is full of clothes that you can make yourself and want to wear.

All works free size (introducing a simple size correction method). Comes with a large-sized actual paper with seam allowance.
This book has full-length patterns.

Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: JAPAN Vogue (2020)
Language : Japanese
ISBN-13: 978-4529059787

Author : Roshan Silva

Roshan Silva

Born in Italy. He studied architecture at high school and majored in business administration at university. After laying down textiles, he managed a textile maker in Como, Italy. I moved to Japan, which I had a relationship with as a wholesaler, about 10 years ago. I met an old folk house at my travel destination, Kamakura, and started a lifestyle shop with a cafe as a side business. After that, we opened sister stores in 7 locations throughout Japan. Currently, as the owner chef, he is active in various abilities such as making bread and jam, designing clothes for the apparel brand “THE FACTORY”, planning miscellaneous goods brand “Ambiente”, and designing shops.

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1 review for The Factory Sewing Book – Roshan Silva

  1. Emma

    This is a level for intermediate users. I think it is recommended for those who are tired of making simple clothes.

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