Vintage Meisen Kimono Remake Sewing by Qui-Meisen

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Meisen, a silk fabric that was popular from the Taisho to Showa periods.
Modern and unique colors and patterns can be used to create designs, and clothes with a loose silhouette can be made using the full width of the kimono.

Full size pattern included

Paperback: 79 pages
Publisher: Bunka publishing (2022)
Language : Japanese


Author : Qui-Meisen


A kimono remake brand created by Yuka Iwahara and Rika Kogo.

Yuka Iwahara
She was born in Akita Prefecture and raised in Yokohama City. After organizing her mother’s belongings, she became obsessed with meisen fabrics and started collecting kimonos. With a mountain of kimonos in front of her, she made up her mind to start a remake, but she struggled. She learned dressmaking by herself. She wanted to convey the charm of meisen silk fabrics, so she opened a store at the handicraft market in Zoshigaya, Tokyo, and gained popularity to this day.

Rika Kogo
Born in Ibaraki Prefecture and raised in Sendai. She loves fashion and cooking. She fell in love with Meisen that Yuka-san taught her about 10 years ago. She is not good at sewing, but as she unties the kimono, she thinks of “the person who wore this” and treats each one with love, supporting Yuka to the present.

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